How To: Recycle old lightbulbs into flower vases with Gianny L

Recycle old lightbulbs into flower vases with Gianny L

What can you do with old lightbulbs? Think flowers...

Learn how to recycle old lightbulbs into a flower vase with sexy Gianny L! This is a cool vase out of pure junk, so don't throw away those old light bulbs... recycle them!

Learn how to make a cool vase out of recycled light bulbs! Don't throw them away! The sexy GiannyL demonstrates this DIY decorating project.

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recycling is normally so boring, thanks paraguan girl

p.s.- i'm in love.

very crafty

Very creative idea. What gauge wire are you using? Without words, it's harder to follow the process. Suggest wearing gloves in case the knife slips or you break a bulb in your hands ...

i wanna make somthink from light bulbs but not a vase

WoW, that is a cool idea

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