How To: Deal with a hollow door when installing bath fixtures

Deal with a hollow door when installing bath fixtures

This is a video tutorial in the Home & Garden category where you are going to learn how to deal with a hollow door when installing bath fixtures. Bob Schmidt shows you how to do this while installing bath accessories such as robe hooks, towel bars or towel rings. The product that you need to do this is called easy anchor. It is a metal anchor specifically designed for the right depth for a hollow core door. Take the anchor and drill it down the door until it is fairly close to going in fully. Pull the anchor back out and remove the excess material out of the hole with a knife. Now hand tighten the anchor till it is flush with the surface of the door. Then take the screw provided with the kit and screw it in to the anchor till the tip of anchor is detached. This will hang up to 40 pounds on the door.

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Does this work on vinyl 6-panel hollow doors? I am afraid that I will Crack or split the plastic-like material.

Your instructions and the anchors recommended seem to refer only to wood. Thank you.

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