How To: Design a Grecian urn with pink roses & other flowers

Design a Grecian urn with pink roses & other flowers

He says that he is soling to make some foliage, flowers and leaves draping out of the vase so that it gives you a feeling that you are in Greece when seen from the balconies of houses in the hillside or something. He first puts some lemon leaves to cover sides of the vase making them drape out, them he puts some comatose leaves on the sides along with the lemon leaves and asks you to make them hang outside from the sides of the vase so that it gives a real delicate look. He says that all these leaves can be used to cover the mechanics which means anything that you are making your bouquet with. Then he takes some amaranths which he says will give you a real Grecian look and makes it hang out from the vase. He says that sometimes the amaranths stem are soft and you have to make a hole on the leaves in the vase using a cutting of a stem. He puts a lot of amaranths in the vase and the vase is filled with leaves. He then adds some reddish brown seeded eucalyptus in the vase in the middle of the already present leaves which he says will give the color and an all pleasant look to the bouquet. Next he adds some white colored dried flowers to the vase which he says will be the focus of the bouquet from any angle you look. He then adds some white roses to the center of the vase which he says is to make it look like the roses are coming from the middle of a garden. Learn to cut the stem short whenever you add roses to a vase. He also adds some white roses to the sides making them hang out of the vase. Next he puts a lots of red roses in the vase for color. Then he adds few kangaroo paw flowers not very long but long enough to be seen, a little here and there in the vase. He now has the Grecian urn designed with red roses and other flowers ready.

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