How To: Design a small old fashion flower arrangement for home

Design a small old fashion flower arrangement for home

The video comes from and in it the instructor advised us how to make a 'Roundy mound' as he calls it, or a small old fashioned flower arrangement. Following are his instructions:
Start off with vase, then cut off tips and stems of the flowers you are to use.
First use foliage and strip the bottom of it to avoid contaminating the water and turning it a different Color. Add the roses, again removing leaves from bottom. He suggests that a trick with roses is to take petals and bend them back. It also helps to leave roses at room temp for a couple of hours. Bending back the petals makes them look like they have opened up already.
Then add carnations, making sure to fluff them first to make them look fuller. Keep rotating bouquet add you add flowers to ensure they are evenly spaced. After this, use delphinium. Use the buds also of the delphinium because they will open up later. Keep everything at the same level to make the Roundy mound. Try to use everything except the stems. Add a little seeded foliage to accent your bouquet. Don't add too much, just enough to give the bouquet texture. Use some sweet William (relative of carnations) as a filler to add some more to the bouquet.

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