How To: Design a fall themed pumpkin arrangment for your home

Design a fall themed pumpkin arrangment for your home

Take a pumpkin that is round and not oblong, to make the arrangement look its best. Cut the pumpkin strait across at the top, below the stem but far enough down so you have a wide opening. Clean all the seeds out and guts in pumpkin so that the pumpkin will not decompose. Cut your floral foam piece to fit snugly inside the pumpkin so it won't move. Take it out, and soak it for a few minutes in water so it will absorb lots of water. Choose fresh flowers that would look nicely in pumpkin arrangement. Take the long flower to be focal point in arrangement. This will go to the back in the center. Place a center flower in front of the focal flower which should be lower than focal point flower. Take flower by 2's which matched with same color or shape on each side. Fill in your larger flowers on each side with matching locations. Now fill the smaller flowers in the gaps.

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