How To: Lay a stone slap floor

Lay a stone slap floor

Nuts and Bolts present how to lay a west Australian natural stone. When beginning the laying of any tile or stone, it is very important to make sure the first stone is perfectly straight. So, the first step is to measure from two walls and get the dead center of the room. They use a straight edge to make sure the tile is laid straight. Then, they cover the floor with a light adhesive to ensure the placement of the tile. He uses a saw with a guide to make sure all his cuts are straight. He lays the grain the width of the room to make the room look larger. With it being natural stone, any adhesive will stay on the unfinished stone, so they are extra careful to keep it clean. After the tile is laid, the next job is to seal the stones. A pre-grout sealer ensures that the grout does not stain the tiles. As they begin the grout, it is important to clean the stone as they go, or it will dry on the tiles. With a team effort, the tiles can be laid in just a few hours! After a few days of drying, it'll need a final sealing and then it will look fantastic!

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