How To: Save money by staining your own concrete floors

Save money by staining your own concrete floors

In this video from cdrhead we learn how to save money by staining your own concrete floors. First vacuum the floor and under the sheet rock removing as much dirt and dust as you can. Place plastic on all walls and unfinished wood trim. Now use a 4 inch scraper to remove any remaining materials. Now scrub with a broom with water or buffer. Spray a mild acid detergent on the floor as well now and scrub with a buffer. Now vacuum the floor with a ShopVac. Now spray the acid stain using a handheld stainer or backpack. Spray in a slow circular motion. After 3 hours walk the floor in socks to make sure you didn't miss anywhere. Mop the floor after this. Do a white glove test and then you're ready to seal. After the floor is dry apply Clear Cover Sealer. Two coats of this will work. The next day apply three coats of acrylic floor finish.

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