How To: Attach a fireplace mantle

Attach a fireplace mantle

Tim Carter demonstrates how to use a hidden French cleat to attach a gorgeous fireplace mantel to a wall. Learn this clever way to attach the mantel to the wall without using screws or nails.

The challenge is to mount a fireplace mantel to the wall without putting screws or nails through the fireplace mantel wood. The solution is a French cleat.

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Thank you so much for this advice!! I have a 100-year-old mantel that came from the farmhouse in Alabama where my mother was born. As far as I know, my grandfather may have cut the trees and milled the lumber and built it himself. My mother salvaged the mantel when the house had to be torn down, and she had it in her home for many years. Eventually I inherited it, and hauled it 3,500 miles back to Seattle. The mantel spent the next 17 years in my garage because our house didn't have a place to put it up. Last spring we finally moved into a place that did, and I had to get serious about figuring out how we were going to do this. I found your video and showed it to our carpenter. We both loved the idea of attaching it securely to the wall without putting bolts through the wood. It worked beautifully. So, here's the result...

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