How To: Build a lamp

Build a lamp

Why buy a boring old lamp when you can make a unique one yourself? Learn how to build a lamp yourself, at home with this how to video.

You Will Need

* A lamp-making kit
* A lamp base
* A hammer and chisel, or a sharp knife
* Wire strippers
* A lampshade
* A drill
* Safety goggles
* Rubber feet or felt pads

Step 1: Buy a lamp-making kit
Step 2: Choose or build your base
Step 3: Install the lamp rod
Step 4: Level the bottom
Step 5: Thread the lamp cord
Step 6: Attach the locknut and neck
Step 7: Attach the harp bottom and socket cap
Step 8: Prepare the cord
Step 9: Tie the wires
Step 10: Connect the wires
Step 11: Tighten the screws
Step 12: Attach the socket shell and harp
Step 13: Attach the lamp

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