How To: Install vinyl plastic fencing

Install vinyl plastic fencing

There is a great cost effective and durable fence option that is available now. It is fence made from plastic PVC. Start by putting a stake in the ground to mark the location of the first fence post. Use a string tied to the first stake to mark the rest of the fence line. Drive stakes in the ground to mark the location of additional fence posts along the string line every eight feet. Dig your fence post holes with a post hole digger or rent a motorized digger. Once you've dug the hole put gravel in the bottom of the hole to allow for drainage. Mix and pour concrete into the hole to ground level. Then wiggle the post down into the concrete. Wiggling it back and forth will fill the post with concrete. Use a post level to determine if the pole is level in both directions side to side and up and down. Attach each fence post with brackets and screws. Cut the fence post off at the desired height and glue on the decorative caps. Then finish all the sections of the fence.

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