How To: Find the Perfect IKEA Product That Fits Your Space

Find the Perfect IKEA Product That Fits Your Space

Looking for some new furniture? Don't know what to do with that small corner in the living room? Do you need more room for storing and organizing, but that tiny gap of space gives you no real freedom of choice?

Lots of people with a tight budget from all around go to IKEA when it comes to the furnishing of their homes. Although IKEA has tons of pros, their website is most certainly not one of them. It could be really frustrating when trying to find a quick solution for your problem—and it only gets worse when you have space restrictions.

Stop wasting hours and hours of your time looking for furniture that fits in those tiny gaps in your house. Here's how to find them easily and quickly.

Step 1 Take the Measures You Need

Measure that space in your home where you want to place some furniture.

Step 2 Go Online

Open your web browser and go to the IKEAmeter web application.

Step 3 Enter Your Measurements

If you don't care about one of them (width, height or depth), you can leave it blank.

How to Find the Perfect IKEA Product That Fits Your Space

Step 4 Filter (Optional)

You can filter your search by budget and/or category.

Step 5 Search!

You're done. You just have to hit the "Search" button. Congratulations, you've just saved yourself a lot of time of research at the IKEA website.


  • If your space is pretty big, you may want to divide it in different spaces, so that you could place more than one piece of furniture there.

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