How To: Set-up a home office with an extra room

Set-up a home office with an extra room

Starting to work at home? With more and more people trying to make a solid living at home, it's important to know the best way to set up a home office – even if you don't have a spare room. Learn how to set-up a solid work environment with tips from this video on how to create the perfect home office.

What you will need:
• The corner of a room
• A desk
• Shelves
• Storage space
• A filing cabinet
• Organization skills

Step 1: Find your spot
Find the best spot by factoring in privacy, space, and lighting. The best spots are corners in well-lit rooms that can be closed off with a door, like a bedroom or dining room.

Step 2: Set up your desk
Set up a desk that doesn't dominate the room. Consider a corner desk to make the best use of space.

Step 3: Put up shelving
Install shelves on the walls around your desk to store your supplies.

Step 4: Store files in space you already have
Use the space beneath a bed, the floor of a closet, or the space under a table to store files. If you use a filing cabinet, find one whose top you can use for surface space.

Step 5: Tell people it is your office
Tell other members of your household that this area is your office. Be strict about what they can and can't do around it and tell them to respect you when you're working.

Step 6: Limit distractions
Limit your distractions by not having a TV in the room, and by staying far enough away from communal areas to afford privacy and peace.

Step 7: Be organized
Organize your area so that you can find what you need quickly. You'll take your at-home job more seriously if you treat your surroundings seriously.

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