How To: Furnish a dorm room without spending a fortune

Furnish a dorm room without spending a fortune

A little planning is all it takes to decorate your dorm with style!
You Will Need
* A nose for bargains
* A futon
* A storage box
* Old photographs and keepsakes
* A creative spirit

Step 1: Scope out the garage sales
Hit neighborhood garage sales for items such as a desk, small table, lamps, and pictures. Haggle for the best price!

Step 2: Buy used rugs and mirrors
Area rugs and mirrors can make your room look much bigger than its shoebox size. Head to a local thrift store for bargains.

Step 3: Replace the dorm bed with a futon
Futons are the ultimate in functional furniture – you can sleep on them and use them as a comfy couch. Make the futon your biggest investment and enjoy the extra space.

Step 4: Pick up accent pillows from the clearance bin
Search the clearance racks at home furnishing stores for colorful pillows to brighten up the space.

Step 5: Shop end of season sales
Big box stores that sell furniture and home décor mark down dozens of products like lamps, clocks, pillows, comforters, and more at the end of each season, perfect for back-to-school purchases.

Furniture that requires assembly is usually cheaper than pre-assembled pieces.

Step 6: Make storage boxes
Wooden boxes with a hinged lid are great for storage and can double as a bench for your seating area. Build or buy a simple one and cover it with cushioning and colorful fabrics for an inexpensive and stylish addition.

Step 7: Make a collage for your walls
If you don't want to invest in expensive paintings or prints, decorate the walls with a homemade collage of your favorite photographs, quotes, crafts, and pictures that you've drawn.

Fact: According to survey, the average college student spent less than $100 on dorm furnishings in 2008.

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