How To: This DIY Concrete Cheeseboard Will Make You Hungry

This DIY Concrete Cheeseboard Will Make You Hungry

Concrete decor has been popular as of late, and the newest trend is dinnerware. At the London Design Festival last week, designer Vidó Nóri debuted a gorgeous new collection of geometric serving trays and bowls.

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There's no arguing that they look incredible, but this particular set will run you $20-80 per piece, which adds up quite a bit. If you don't want to spend that much cash, it's really simple to make your own elegant-looking concrete cheeseboard.

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Rebecca on A Daily Something made this beautiful minimalist cheeseboard with only a few simple materials:

  • Concrete mix
  • Water
  • Plastic bucket (for mixing)
  • Stirring utensil
  • Plastic mold

The process couldn't be much easier. Coat the inside of the mold with cooking oil so it doesn't stick, then mix up your concrete. Once it's smooth, pour it into the mold and let it set on a level surface until dry. When you turn the mold upside down, the board should just pop right out.

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You can sand the edges if they're a little rough, and if you want to be sure your board is safe to eat off of, you'll want to lightly coat it in a food-safe wax like carnauba or beeswax. You can also look for a concrete sealer made for countertops.

Check out Rebecca's blog for more details about the project. You can find the full tutorial with additional photos over on Buzzfeed.

Want more concrete decor? Try your hand at a DIY pendant lamp, bar stool, or a new set of coasters.

Serving Platter Image via Gawker Assets, all other images via Rebecca/A Daily Something

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