News: DIY Chiquita Banana Chandelier

DIY Chiquita Banana Chandelier

Dutch designer Anneke Jakobs created this recycled Chiquita banana box chandelier while a student at the Utrecht School of Product Design. DIY Chiquita Banana ChandelierCheap, thrifty, and eco-friendly, the Chiquita Chandelier is a great concept.

Anneke encourages viewers to create one for themselves, or she can create one for you. From her site,

At the end it's everyone's choice to spend their time or their money on something.

For timespenders:
Mail to to receive a digital manual to make your own chandelier.

For buyers:
About price details for the chandelier mail to

If you'd like to make your own, email Anneke as she says above or download the PDF plans Whorange has posted.

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that is fantastic!

I don't understand, a chandelier that has no lights?

This is in Mexico... It's too hot for lights!!!

That is the coolest!

wow! it's beautiful! it reminds me of hinkley lighting :)

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