How To: Tile a wall properly

Tile a wall properly

Tiling a wall is a fiddly job which will take up a couple of hours. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to tile a wall.

To get this job looking good you are going to need:

* Three long battens of softwood, some 2 by 1 will do the trick, that's 50mm by 25mm for the uninitiated.
* A hammer and a few nails
* A pencil
* A spirit level
* A serrated plastic spreader
* Plastic tiles spacers
* A sponge
* A tile cutting jig
* Goggles
* A blunt stick
* And enough tiles to complete the wall.
* Grout
* A grout float
* And a sponge and cloth

Tile a wall properly

Tile a wall properly Click through to watch this video on

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