How To: Stencil paint your walls with help from the Home Depot

Stencil paint your walls with help from the Home Depot

This is a step by step tutorial on stencil painting your walls, brought to you by The Home Depot. Beginning with a brief description of the art of stenciling, you are then shown the materials you will need to proceed. Next, you are shown how to prepare your room and surfaces. The goal will be to use a single stencil in multiple positions. The stipple method of application is stressed to achieve a multi-dimensional application. Two colors are used to give the added dimension of shadow to the image. Alignment of the stencil is important and accomplished by using a series of registration marks imprinted on the stencil against a vertical guide line that was laid down at the outset. After a vertical line of pattern has been painted, a horizontal guide line can then be made. Soon, an entire wall has been covered in the stencil pattern and you get a chance to see what the finished project will look like. Finally, you are guided through the clean up and stencil storage process.

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