How To: Save time and messes painting with a grocery bag

Save time and messes painting with a grocery bag

Tired of cleaning up the paint roller tray after a hard day's work? Watch this video tutorial from home improvement expert Danny Lipford to see how to save time and messes painting with a grocery bag.

Painting is one of those chores that many homeowners take on themselves, but the mess of clean up can really tempt one to consider hiring it out. Here are a couple of tips to simplify the use and clean up of paint rollers for your next project. If your project takes more than one day, don't try to clean the roller each day, store it wet. Remove the wet sleeve from the roller cage by putting your hand into a plastic grocery bag and pulling it off. Then wrap the roller sleeve inside the bag and tie it off with a twist tie. You can store the wet sleeve in the refrigerator for several days before putting it back on the cage to continue painting. One of the biggest messes that can happen while you're rolling is to have the sleeve work its way off the roller frame. This messy annoyance can be cured by bending out the wires of the roller cage to increase their tension on the sleeve.

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