How To: Remove old wallpaper for dummies

Remove old wallpaper for dummies

Learn how to remove old wallpaper with this video! Put down a pre taped plastic drop cloth. Tape it to the top of the baseboard. Then score the wallpaper with a wallpaper perforator. Roll it over the wall and it will make little holes in the wallpaper. You can use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water or a 25/75 mixture of downy and water as a solvent to loosen the glue. Apply the wallpaper solvent with a paint roller. You can put the solvent in a paint pan so you can get it on the roller. Roll a section of the wall and let it soak in. Then pull and scrape the paper off of the wall. Use a sponge with water to wipe the wall down to get the excess glue off of the wall.

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