How To: Remove and replace a sink basket

Remove and replace a sink basket

This video shows you how to remove and replace a sink basket. It's real quick and very efficient if you have a new sink and an old basket. Here are the steps on doing this.

Procedure: 1. Remove the nut securing the drain line. 2. Use the sink basket wrench to remove the ears just above the nut. In some cases the basket only spins and thats when we use the holding wrench. 3. Lift the old basket out and clean the opening. 4. Now seal the new basket to the opening with a plumber's pudding. 5. Now install a rubber gasket and screw back on the nut (new nut if desired). 6. Then reattach the drain line and clean the top of excess pudding. Voila! A new and efficient way to change your sink basket. Enjoy!

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