How To: Paint window frames

Paint window frames

The big question is do you tape or scrape those window frames? If you want to tape. Put two pieces of tape that are longer than the length of each pain. Put them on the top and bottom of the pain. Use your putty knife to hold the tape in place and tear it off a little bit short of the edge. Then put two strips length ways on the pain that is also longer than you need. Take your putty knife and put it in the top corner to hold the tape and tear it off flush to the window frame. Then you paint, cut along the edge to break the paint seal and pull the tape off when you are done. If you want to paint without taping the frame go ahead and carefully paint he window frames. When you are done take a razor blade and cut along the edge of the frame. Then take a single sided blade in a holder and start scraping the paint back toward the edge of the frame until all the paint is gone.

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