How To: Make your dorm room livable

Make your dorm room livable

A few handy tricks can turn your school cell into a cozy suite.

You Will Need

* A dorm room
* An agreeable dorm mate
* And some money

Step 1. Investigate dorm room

Investigate dorm specifics before you spend any money. What furniture is provided? What items are prohibited, like certain kinds of lamps or electrical appliances?

Step 2. Buy reversible comforter

Buy a reversible comforter that is machine-washable and has a color or pattern that hides dirt.

Step 3. Buy large floor pillows

Buy a few large floor pillows for propping yourself up in bed and to provide seating for guests.

Step 4. Raise bed w/ cinderblocks

Raise your bed with cinderblocks to create storage space underneath. Place infrequently used items in plastic containers so they

Step 5. Hit local thrift shops

Hit a couple of local thrift shops for deep discounts on scatter rugs that will warm up a cold institutional floor.

Step 6. Buy a shoe bag

Buy a shoe bag in a color that complements your comforter and hang it on the wall near your desk. The pockets make great storage spots for small items.

Step 7. Make drapes


Step 8. String holiday lights

String holiday lights around the room for a year-round festive feel.

Tip: Check out secondhand stores for old-fashioned hard suitcases, which can be stacked to create an end or coffee table while storing off-season clothing or bedding.

Fact: The average college freshman spent $344 on dorm decor in 2005.

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