How To: Make roman columns out of plaster & kitty litter

Make roman columns out of plaster & kitty litter

To make roman columns, ideal to create space between door and living room.

Materials required :
Two 10 pound bags of kitty litter, Four small building forms with 8-inch diameter, one large building form with 10 inch diameter, insulation foam,
Queen size bed sheet, duct tape, drop cloth, 1 staple gun and staples, glove,
scissors, plaster of paris, bucket, saw.

To make roman columns:

Step 1: Set up a work batch, put the 10-inch building foam wide on top and then saw a portion of it. Use 6-inch to make the top and bottom of the column, 6-inch can be made wider or thinner.
2. Take building foam of 8-inch diameter and then stack them wide on top of each other. Take the duck tape and surgically place it around the column.
3. Roll the insulation and stick on the column to create images and put the staple hard. R\It's recommended to wear gloves while using the staple gun.
4. Put the cap of the column and staple gun the insulation around the column.
5. Take four flat sheets and cut into four strips. White sheets will be good to see through after using plaster of paris.
6. Before using the plaster of paris, the set up should already be ready because the plaster of paris dries quickly and it should be a warm day.
7. Mix 2 parts of plaster of paris to 1 parts of water. Take one strip and dip it in the water, smooth it along the whole length of the column. Dry the setup for 24 hours. It can be set in the space after 24 hours.
8. Place the kidding letter inside the column, which helps it to stand better.
9. Sheer fabric helps the column to shine through and its looks can be changed according to the season.

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