How To: Make a photo display board

Make a photo display board

This is a video about how to make the photo display board. You just need foam display board, fabric to cover the board, batting paper, pins, and some ribbons. First you have to cut the fabric about one half inch extra of the board to cover the board. Next you have to cut the ribbons upto 6 to approximately 21 inches long and cut one ribbon to hang the photo board. Next laying out the fabric on the table first. Next place the batting on the top of the fabric. Next take the foam board and place it on the batting. Next take some glue and stick the batting to the board. Put the glue all the way around to the edges of the batting and stick it to the board. Next stitch the fabric to the batting paper with the glue. Next little bit of glue on the board on the back of the corner and stick the ribbon there and pull the ribbon diagonally and stick it to the board. Next take another ribbon and stick to the board on the other side diagonally. Next stick all the other four ribbons to the board. Next make a loop with the ribbons and hang it to the wall. Next take the white poster board and stick it to the back side of the board that you have prepared right now. Next take the twist pins and twist those pens on the board where the ribbons crossed. So your board is ready now.

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