How To: Make egg carton lights

Make egg carton lights

Turn your home or patio into an incandescent flower garden with plain holiday lights and egg cartons.
You Will Need
* Scissors
* Three to four cardboard egg cartons
* A string of holiday lights
* Watercolor paint (optional)
* A pin (optional)

Step 1
Cut out and discard the row of cups that hold the eggs and save the middle strip of cones that separate the rows of eggs.

Step 2
Cut the strip into individual cones. There will be five cones per carton of a dozen eggs.

Use watercolors to paint the cardboard cones different colors and let dry.

Step 3
Make four equally spaced, inch-long slits at the wide end of each cone to form petals.

Use a pin to poke holes into the petals in decorative patterns to allow the light to shine through.

Step 4
Make a small hole with the scissors into the narrow end of the cup to make a space to thread the light through.

Step 5
Place one light bulb into each cup – LED bulbs are best – and repeat for a glowing floral, fairy garden.

Fact: The American Eveready Company produced the first set of Christmas lights in 1903.

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