How To: Light up your ceiling without recess lighting

Light up your ceiling without recess lighting

This video tutorial is in the Home & Garden category which will show you how to light up your ceiling without recess lighting. Tamara Maslar shows two easy lighting projects to brighten up your living room. The first project is lanterns. You will need paper lanterns, assorted fabrics, some screws with hooks at the ends, a glue gun with sticks, fishing line, 40W bulbs, extension cords and light kits. Put three screw hooks on the ceiling. Prepare the lanterns by fixing the bulbs to the light kits and putting one in to each lantern. Now hang the lanterns from the hooks on the ceiling. Attach 4 hooks to the ceiling close to the wall and tie fishing line between the hooks. Now hang different color fabrics from the center of the ceiling up to the walls which are going to hide the wires of the lighting kit. The second project is with chandeliers. Watch the video for the demonstration.

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