How To: Install window blinds

Install window blinds

If your new window treatments include blinds, save the hefty installation fee by hanging them yourself.

You Will Need

* A stepladder
* A tape measure
* A pencil
* New blinds
* A drill
* Screws (which should be included in your set)
* A screwdriver
* Some wax or a candle

Step 1. Decide on placement

Decide whether you want to mount the blinds on the inside or outside of the window frame. It's a matter of personal preference.

Step 2. Measure frame

Measure the window frame both horizontally and vertically so you know what size blinds you need.

Step 3. Have them sized

Once you pick out blinds, have the store cut them to size.

Step 4. Read the instructions

Read the manufacturer's instructions before you begin installation, so you understand any unique elements of the blinds you chose.

Step 5. Mark the frame

Find the end brackets that came with your blinds. They will anchor the ends of the head rail. Mark the window frame where the brackets will be installed.

Step 6. Mark the support brackets

Keeping in line with your earlier marks, pencil in the location of the support brackets, which will be spaced evenly along the head rail and help hold it up.

Step 7. Drill holes

Hold the brackets up to the frame to mark exactly where the screws should go, and use an electric drill to create holes for attaching them. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than your screws.

Step 8. Install the brackets

Using your guide holes, screw in one bracket at a time by hand. It is critical that the brackets are well aligned so that the blinds will rise and fall evenly.

Step 9. Attach blinds

Consult your manual for the final directions on how to attach the blinds.

Step 10. Attach the tilt wand

Look for a small plastic spinning mechanism sticking out of one side of the head rail.

Step 11. Keep extras

Hang on to the instructions as well as any extra pieces of equipment that came with your blinds.

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