How To: Install a wall niche

Install a wall niche

A wall niche is a great way to add a nice decorative look to a wall. The niche is made of lightweight polyurethane. To install the niche choose the location on the wall where you want to put the niche. Put the niche up to the wall and draw an outline around it. Before you start cutting the wall cut a hole in the wall, use a compact mirror and a flashlight to look up in the wall and be sure that there are no wires or pipes where you are cutting the hole for the niche. After checking to be sure that the area is clear take a drywall saw and cut out the outline of the niche that was drawn on the wall. Make sure that the wall is not a load bearing wall and cut away the wall studs where the niche is going to be installed. To strengthen the studs that were cut out install a 2x4 at the top that is called a header and one at the bottom, which is called a seal. Apply a polyurethane adhesive to the back of the niche and put it into the wall and you are ready to decorate your niche.

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