How To: Install vertical blinds

Install vertical blinds

First measure the window to decide if you would like the blinds inside the frame or outside on the casing. In most cases inside looks the best plus it gives you the added feature of adding curtains.

In the package you will find a set of clips, screws and the pieces to hold the blind in place.

Measure out from the window approximately 1 inch and mark it. Now measure down 1/2 inch and put a mark there. These are your starting points for the brackets.

With a pencil, mark where the holes are so you don't put the screws in the wrong place.

Remove the brackets and with your punch make a small indent in the wood. This is where the screws will go.

Install the brackets with an automatic screw driver.

Place the blind into the brackets and install the holders by sliding them into the grooves. Install the rod for the blinds to be opened and now you are done.

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