How To: Install a bifold door like a professional

Install a bifold door like a professional

This video is about installing a bifold door. This door opening is 54" so we will use a 30" and 24" door to fit. To align the door: Scribe a line on the ceiling which is the distance on either side of the door opening. Run the line down the bottom so the hooks are in the same position and the doors are vertical. Start at the bottom. Use a square on both sides of the wall which is set as half way point. Put the larger door on the right. Have the doors open inward. Place the tract on top of the door opening. Add the floor brackets-press down on carpet. Align with center line. Drill. Place the large screw on the adjustable side. Place the anchor screw through the cement. Place pressure fits on the bottom of the door. The foot goes into the adjustment screw at the bottom. Place the top in the adjustment hole and one in the track. Tighten. Adjust bottom screw as needed. Duplicate for 24" door. Level. Viewer will learn how to install bifold door.

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