How To: Hang wallpaper with tips from Lowe's

Hang wallpaper with tips from Lowe's

In this tutorial, Lowe's teaches us how to hang wallpaper. Wallpaper can update a room and give it personality. Make sure you prep and measure your wall before you begin to hang. Now, cut out your paper to the appropriate size for your wall, then draw a line on the wall from the corner to a few inches out of the wall. After this, apply a clear adhesive to the wallpaper if it isn't already adhesive. Now, dump them into a water box and fold the water together and let set. After this, apply the wallpaper to the wall using a wet sponge. Use a smoothing tool to work out any bubbles, then use a straight edge to cut off the excess from top and bottom. Continue to work the rest of the wallpaper onto the wall. Set the seams when you are finished and your room will be re-made!

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