How To: Hang small & large framed pictures on a wall

Hang small & large framed pictures on a wall

I bet you can't wait to hang that beautiful painting you just ran across. But before you try to hang it and damage your wall take a point from Barbara K. In this video she will demonstrate exactly how to hang small & large paintings on your wall.

Hang a heavy framed picture on a wall with the proper hooks and picture hanger hardware.I will show you how to hang heavier pictures by using a paper outline of your framed picture. Outline frame with painters tape. ( don't use masking tape.because it wil take the paint off the wall) Make the spaces even on all sides of the pictures. Level, measure and use the appropriate picture hooks. Change the look of the room, live more comfortably and change your lifestyle. Do it yourself and save money! Be more confident and empowered in your home. You did it yourself and now you can do more!

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