How To: Hang picture frames and posters on the wall with tips from Lowe's

Hang picture frames and posters on the wall with tips from Lowe's

Until you decorate, your house won't feel like a home, but when you start hanging picture and frame on your living room walls, you should watch this video from Lowe's for some pre-hanging tips!

Hanging artwork and picture frames around your home is an easy way to create a more stylish look. In this video, learn how to position pictures and find out about different mounting options.

First, learn how to deal with drywall mounting. Monkey hooks are great for drywall and frames with wire backings. Then, learn how to transfer measurements to the wall to get the perfect picture positioning. Also, make sure to use a stud finder to help find the best spot to hang your pictures.

If you are hanging a heavy picture or mirror, you can use a mounting hanger. Use a stud finder before installing a mountain hanger, however you don't need to look for studs if you utilize wall anchors. These anchors can hold heavy items such as televisions, mirrors and artwork.

If you are trying to arrange multiple picture frames, try adjustable picture hangers. These hangers adjust easily so all pictures can be leveled with each other.

Finally, learn how you can tackle plaster, brick and cement walls. Though they might be slightly more intimidating at first glance, using the right tools will make these hanging jobs much easier. Use a drill to create a small hole before nailing a mount on plaster. Also, for any masonry, use a drill bit and masonry screws. Then you just drill the hole and add in the necessary masonry hanger and screws.

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