How To: Extend the life of your carpet

Extend the life of your carpet

This video shooting taken at Pacific Home Furnishings explains the way to extend the life of your carpet. The lady presenting the video explains us the ways that can help extend your carpet's life. She says that when you go shopping for the carpet, after thinking about your budget, the next important thing to consider is the underlayment. She presents us with some samples of underlayment ranging in quality and pricing. First she about the least expensive one which she calls the after thought underlayment. This is the one that people pick up when they have already selected the carpeting and run short on budget. This makes them to go with the least expensive underlayment. The next one she says is much softer and people like it and feel comfortable when they step under. But she says that it is not really the best choice as it is much softer and may not provide enough support. She says that the next on is much dense and has a lot of support to it and so this is the only one recommended for Berber carpeting. And then she also says that this can go under not only Berber carpeting but also under any carpeting and its highly recommended. Finally she says about the specialty underlayment which has moisture protection. This comes in handy when you have pets and for people who are really prone to spills at home or if you have a moisture problem with your foundation. Then she explains why you would have to invest money in better quality underlayments. Studies say that you get 40% longer life for your carpet when you better quality underlayment. As carpeting is an expensive affair, better quality underlayments are something to consider. Also she says that when you next go for shopping, you have the provision to choose something that you really like even if it is of not superior quality as you have better quality underlayment. She then signs off saying that when you shop for carpeting, consider your budget and better underlayment and you will be in great shape really.

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