How To: Design a safe kitchen

Design a safe kitchen

Home accidents. It's up to you to protect your family… your children… from accidents in the home. And there's one place that seems to get the most attention when dealing with safety concerns… The kitchen is one of the busiest, most accident-prone rooms in the house. Design a kitchen that will keep your family and guests safe.

You Will Need
* Appliances with a lock-out option
* A fire extinguisher
* Slip-resistant flooring
* A safe cooktop
* Proper lighting
* Anti-scald controls
* Non-slip throw rugs (optional)

Step 1: Design
Design a floor plan that routes traffic away from the cooking area. Avoid putting appliances near an entrance or exit.

Step 2: Protect children
Protect children by purchasing appliances that provide a programmable lockout system or with lockout covers.

Step 3: Keep fire extinguisher
Keep a fire extinguisher near a room exit. Never store it near or beneath a cooktop or stove.

Step 4: Use slip-resistant flooring
Use slip-resistant flooring, such as laminate, textured tile, matte-finished wood, or soft glazed ceramic tile.

Use throw rugs with non-slip backings for added precautions.

Step 5: Purchase cooktop
Purchase a safe cooktop with controls in the front or along the side of the unit. Look for a cooktop where the burners are staggered or are in one straight row.

Step 6: Keep away from water
Keep plugs, electrical switches, and lighting fixtures away from water sources. All electrical receptacles should be grounded and protected with ground-fault circuit interrupters in case there is a power surge or moisture.

Step 7: Provide good lighting
Provide good lighting throughout the kitchen, especially above areas where you prepare food.

Step 8: Regulate water
Prevent water from getting to dangerous heat levels by installing faucets with anti-scald devices.

Hot tap water is responsible for more deaths and hospitalizations than burns from any other hot liquids.

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