How To: Design flower arrangements & what tools are needed

Design flower arrangements & what tools are needed

How to design flower arrangements and what tools are needed:

There are a few tools that you will need to make flower arrangements. You will need a pair of cutters for cutting softer stem flowers and a more heavy duty pair of cutters to cut tree branches. A knife is also a good tool to have. You will also need some foam. Cut what you need and let it float in water to soak before you use it. Do not push it down into the water; just let it float. If you have a spray bottle around you can use it as a mister. If you don't have one you will need a spray bottle. Just put some water in the bottle and use it to mist your arrangements when you are done. There is also a floral spray available that shines your leaves. Put just a touch of bleach in the water container that you are using to soak things in. The bleach will keep bacteria from growing. Changing the water every few days prevents bacteria growth too. Always use lukewarm water to soak flowers. The lukewarm water soaks up into the flowers better. When cutting flowers it is best to cut them under water. Also make sure you always cut at an angle. It makes it easier to get the flowers to poke into the foam blocks. That's why you soak those blocks of foam in water. It helps the flowers to go into them easier and it helps them to hold onto the stems better. Use the heavier cutters to cut the more woodier branches. You might have to cut on one side and then turn it around and cut the other side if the branch is bigger. For leafy branches you want to wash them in water, let them dry, and then spray them with the floral spray. It makes the leaves look nice and ads a little bit of a shine to them. With the flowers remember to mist them with a spray bottle of water. It will make them look fresh like they are out in the garden. So the right tools help to make your arrangements better and easier to make.

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