How To: Design an elegant bride's maid flower bouquet

Design an elegant bride's maid flower bouquet

In this video tutorial from The Flower God, learn how to design a flower bouquet for a bridesmaid. You will need two colors of roses (or whatever flower you are using, fern, and baby's breath. This tutorial uses red and white roses. Take a lighted candle and hold the flame close to the bud to speed up the budding process. Take one of the red roses and surround it by about four of the white roses. Then, add additional red roses in between each white rose. Frame this arrangement with the ferns and babies breath. Remove all of the excess leaves from the stems and then cut the stems. Tie white ribbon around the entire length of the stems to cover the stems from view and to add decoration. Then, spray your arrangement with a bottle of water to freshen up the flowers.

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