How To: Decorate your home like a pro

Decorate your home like a pro

Redecorating your home can seem like an overwhelming task but it doesn't have to be. You don't need a professional as long as take into consideration the key elements such as your budget, the style you want and a color pattern.

Decorating your home with the flair of a professional doesn't need to be complicated or expensive if you follow these tips.

You Will Need

* Budget
* Decorating magazines and catalogs
* Internet access
* List of essentials
* Sketch
* Flea markets and garage sales (optional)

Step 1: Set a decorating budget

Set a reasonable budget based on the size of the project and the amount you can actually afford to spend.

Step 2: Look at decorating magazines and catalogs

Look through interior decorating magazines or online catalogs for ideas and decorating tips. Cut out or print pictures of ideas you like and make a file.

Bring pictures when you shop. Pictures can go a lot further toward describing a look you want.

Step 3: Determine a color scheme

Determine a color scheme. Study color schemes to determine the feelings they evoke, and the effect they have on the sense of a room's proportion.

Step 4: Make a list

Make a list of items to purchase, staying within the budget.

You can find bargains at flea markets and garage sales – someone else's junk can be your treasure.

Step 5: Draw a sketch

Sketch out a few different layout ideas. Be playful with furniture layout and art arrangement until you find what works for you.

Step 6: Make it your own

Trust your instincts, and use decorating as an opportunity to showcase your personal style.

Did you know? The term flea market comes from the legend that vendors used to sell flea-infested clothes and rags.

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