How To: Create a sunprint cork board & jewelry tray

Create a sunprint cork board & jewelry tray

Grace Bonney from Design-Sponge shows how to create a corkboard and tray from sun print fabric (similar to the craft sun print paper, and available at First iron the sun print fabric, far away from a light source. If printing leaves, first flatten them in a book. Arrange the leaves, then put the fabric in the sun for 10-30 minutes. The longer the time, the darker the print will be. Rinse the fabric in water until the water runs clear, then dry the fabric and re-iron. To make a corkboard, get a frame and thin cork drawer liner. Cut the cork drawer liner to fit the frame. Remove the contact paper from the cork and adhere the cork to the back of the frame, or use glue. Use a staple gun or glue to attach the fabric to the cork backing, the put the backing back into the frame. To make a custom tray, apply a thin layer of fabric Mood Podge glue to the inside of the tray with a brush. Cut the fabric to fit the tray, and adhere the fabric to the tray, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles. Apply another layer of Mod Podge to the front of the fabric to seal it. Allow the glue to dry in the sun for a few hours. Now you can hang pictures and notes on the wall, and store your keys, change and accessories.

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