How To: Create a kitchen sink backsplash

Create a kitchen sink backsplash

Meg Allan Cole from Decor It Yourself shows you an easy way to make your kitchen look amazing by just adding a creative, do it yourself backsplash.
1. Measure the area to determine how many mirror you will need. And draw out a plan of the pattern you want.
2. Remove all materials around the sink and use Shellac to seal up tiny holes around the sink walls.
3. Make a grid on the wall in pencil from the plan you made.
4. Cut the mirror tiles with a glass cutter to fit into the grid.
5. Using a cocking gun and mirror mastic, make a fourth of an inch wide glue strip that stretches from top to bottom of the tile.
6. Carefully place the tile into its spot and hold it down for 20 to 30 seconds.
7. Repeat for the rest of the tiles.
8. Use the cocking gun to cock the edges.
9. If you want, add an under the cabinet light to light up the space.
If you follow these directions, your kitchen sink will have an amazing backsplash and you’ll enjoy doing the dishes more often!!

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