How To: Choose the Right Color?

Choose the Right Color?

Welcome! Today I would like to share a few hints about picking the right color. So, if you do not know what color your today's outfit should be or your or which color you should choose for your room walls, please follow my suggestions.

Step 1: Recognize the Right Color

Colors are the result of the refraction of the white light. We can separate them into two groups:
the colors that show our personality
the colors that have an impact on our personality.

Step 2: Colors Have a Big Influence on Us.

Colors are the projection of light and tell a real story about the psychological state of a person. The expert in this field of science can recognize the psychological blockades of a person only with a glimpse of her clothes. Colors are the mirrors of our souls.

Here are some examples:
a lot of red shows compiled anger
orange could be a sign of trauma from the past
the touch of green can be a sign of worrying
the third eye is represented as a royal blue color.

Step 3: Signs of Our Needs

A study of colors reveals some amazing facts. Their frequencies affect our body and spirit. The color that we are or could be attracted to can heal our health problems. For example, green calms down. It can remind us of the beautiful nature, pure and clean woods, full of fresh air.

Colors are also connected to the chakras. The level of their activity changes them. We must remember that a very important part of our body is the spiritual one. We are born with it.

Step 4: Color Your Life

We can think about the colors that would have a good influence on us. For example, the orange color is supposed to increase appetite. It would be suitable for the kitchen walls. The green outfit will show our need for calmness, etc. The same goes also for the color of your car, your rouge, the color of your hair, etc.

Step 5: Color Therapy

In the case of an illness or if we just need to release some of the psychical blockades, we can decide to try color therapy.

Color therapy is very interesting, we can for example decide to try something new, like taking a bath with colored oils. This scientific project shows good results. All the bad energies leave the body and the good ones take over our mind and soul.

I hope you decide well and choose the colors that really express your inner self and fill you with joy. Good luck and thank you for reading!

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