How To: Arrange a dozen roses for a fall themed vase

Arrange a dozen roses for a fall themed vase

In this video, the viewer will learn how to arrange a dozen roses for a fall-themed vase. You start out by putting warm water into the vase. Next, you weave the stems of various green foliage pieces and place them in the vase. Allow the green foliage to cascade over the edges of the vase for a decorative look. Once the green foliage is in the vase, you can begin adding your roses. Before adding to the roses, all thorns should be removed and the stem of each rose should be cut under water. Place one tall rose in the center. Then place 4 slightly shorter roses around it. Next, add four additional roses that are a few inches shorter than the previous four. Use the remaining roses to fill in any blank spots. Once all of the roses are in place, you can add filler pieces to really give it that autumn look. You can use a variety of colors to accent your roses.

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